5 tips to follow when planning a refurbishment

1. Never assume every building/premises is the same

You may already own a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel or premises for the industry you are in but before you begin any kind of refurbishment or design work, the first step should always be a site survey. Our site surveys are included in all of our design packages and will allow us to gather information for a design and determine the access and best orientation for the site and location of obstacles.

2. Listen to professional advice

You’re going to have an idea and vision in your head of what you wish your new space and design to be like. Our designers can offer explanations as to why an alternative method might be more effective, they will recommend decor tips from flooring to lighting options, we will work with you to find the best solutions whilst meeting your requirements so always take care to listen to advice.

3. Consider furniture and aesthetics

It’s easy to find cheap furniture anywhere but it has to be a contract quality if you want it to last. We build our furniture with long gevity in mind for our customers who have premises with a high turnover of customers, our bench seating even comes with a 10 year frame guarantee. Comfortable furniture also goes a long way in creating a positive impression for your customers and wanting them to return.

4. Space planning is important

Space and flow planning is an integral part of any refurbishment process. In premises all around the country, space is being wasted and use inefficientltly. Our designers will look at how your current space is currently used including how much time is spent at the bar, at desks, and in break-out areas etc. An efficient space makes teamwork and collaboration easier, increases productivity dramatically and can save you money on unnecessary, unused space that you are paying for.