Bekash Indian Restaurant


The Bekash can seat up to 100 customers and has established itself as a restaurant delivering exceptional Indian cuisine and outstanding service. The owner of the Bekash Restaurant wanted to communicate the qualities of excellence and class in the renovations so we worked to make sure specific requirements were met.

After planning the layout for the interior of the restaurant, we worked with the owner to choose specific fabrics, materials and styles for his furniture. Our project manager designed a new logo for Bekash and incorporated it into the designs for the interior. We then took these plans to our factory and manufactured premium quality tables, chairs, screens, and banquette seating. Our quality installation team then fitted all of the furniture into the restaurant to complete the process.

Our Services

  • Designed to customers specific requirements
  • Furniture fully installed on site
  • 2D Design layout plan
  • Furniture manufactured in our very own factory
  • Branding designed and incorporated into the interior